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Please choose from the list below:




modal verbs (can, may, must...)


conditionals ("if"-clauses)

reported speech (indirect speech)

gerund/infinitive ("ing"-form)


some/any (and other determiners)



Use of English (Cambridge Certificate...)


This section contains (mostly) interactive exercises on all important fields of the English grammar.

You can check your answer by clicking on the drop down field. You can also paste them into a Word document and try them on paper.

Exercises on this site have been created by me. If you are a teacher and want to use them, please read the copyright notice first.

Exercises that have not been created by me are specially marked as "linked exercise". These exercises are linked externally and are not part of the EnglishPage. I am not responsible for their content. If you want to use these exercises for teaching purposes, please contact the respective owners.



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Of course, there are many other websites apart from the EnglishPage where you can practice your English. I have put together a list of some very useful resources for tests and exercises.

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