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1) If I had seen him before, I (give) __________________ him the letter.
2) Please (call) ____________ me if you (come) ____________ home late.
3) How long would you have waited if they (not show up) ___________________?
4) He (call) ______________ her if he comes home late.
5) I (buy) _______________ a fast car if I had the money.
6) They (visit) _________________ the museum if they have time.
7) If you (be) _______________ faster, you could have won the race.
8) The baby (not cry) ______________ now if you had changed his diapers before!
9) What (you do) _______________ if you won $ 1,000,000 in the lottery?
10) If you need anything, I (be) ______________ there for you.


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11) The road (be) _________ slippery if it (snow) _______________.
12) He could have died if the bus driver (not help) ________________ him.
13) If you go out dressed like this, you (get) _________________ a cold!
14) She (be) ____________ better if she (learn) _____________ more, but she is too lazy!
15) If they (not forget) ___________________ the keys this morning, they wouldn’t have to climb in through the window now.
16) If they (give) ___________________ more food to developing countries, the poor (not must starve) .___________________
17) Mother always (call) ___________________ him if he (be) _____________late.
18) Unless you (give) _________________ me your number, I (not can) ___________________ call you tomorrow.
19) She promised to help me with the garden work, if the weather ___________________ (be) nice.
20) He (not be in a wheelchair) ___________________ if he (not have) ___________________ that accident back hen.
21) Given that you (be) _______________ ill, I suppose we (have to) ___________________ go there alone


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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