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1) The book very interesting. I page 27 at the moment.
2) They in New York. Their father a taxi driver there, and their mother in a big book store.
3) Normally Peter TV.
4) Look, they a new cinema. I it will be much bigger. The cinema now only 2 films a day.
5) Can you hear this? An airplane at the airport. I think it London.
6) I a boyfriend. His name Georgy.
7) Where the CD? - Here! It under the table.
8) We watch TV very often, but I to the cinema every week.
9) Why Jenny?
10) Jessica never during the week.


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11) Where you? - Here! me?
12) She always learn much, because the teacher a test every Friday. But today, she in the garden.
13) Watch out! A brick from the roof.
14) Kelly Clarkson cool?
15) The bus always late!
16) I about a present for my sister. She 18 this week.
17) Where Pasadena? on the map, it be somewhere in California.
18) Ralph to school by bike every day.
19) Sammy a student, but in the holidays she as a waitress.
20) Listen, Liza! I you this so that you'll forget it again.. your homework now!


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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Grammatik Übungen für Schüler in allen Schulstufen; Hauptschule, Gymnasium, AHS, BHS, Realschule, HAK, HTL, HASCH, HBLA, Gesamtschule ... Übungsbeispiele für alle, die Englisch lernen wollen - kostenlos! Einfüllübungen, nteraktive Aufgaben, Prüfungszettel und Tests. Überprüfe deine Englischkenntnisse, schlage die Grammatikregeln nach und verbessere dein Englisch. der beste Weg, gute Noten in der Schule zu bekommen. Hier auf der EnglishPage findest du Übungen und die Regeln für alle Grammatikgebiete.

Tenses, Adjective or Adverb, Conditionals (if-clauses), Gerund or Infinitive, Irregular Verbs, Modal Verbs (can, may, must, shall, might, be able to, be allowed to, have to, should, ...), Negation, Passive, Questions, Reported Speech (Indirect Speech), Some or Any

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