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1) He (live) ______________ in this apartment ____ 20 years.
2) We (not be) ________________ to the cinema ____ last summer.
3) _____ when (you wait) _________________?
4) _____ how long (you listen) ___________________ to our conversation?
5) I (not go out) ________________ _____ months!
6) The cake (be) ____________ in the oven _____ long enough now.
7) I (study) ______________ English _____ I was 10 years old.
8) I (try) __________________ to contact you _____ this morning!
9) I (own) __________ this bike _____ as long as I remember.
10) She (not talk) _____________ to her brother _____ ages.


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11) The lawyer (not arrive) _______________ yet. He is stuck in a traffic jam.
12) I (not eat) _____________ pasta _____ at least a month!
13) The baby (cry) ______________constantly ______ 8 in the morning.
14) _____ how long (they married) _______________? _____ spring last year.
15) I (not be) ________________ on holidays _____ a long time.
16) He (go on my nerves) _______________________ with this _____ several days!
17) They (live) ________________ in this city ______ they were born.
18) (I not tell you) _____________________ to inform me about it?
19) I (train) _____________ every day ______ they opened the new stadion.
20) I (feel) ______________ ill _____ my birthday, and I (not eat) ______________ anything _____ 3 days


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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