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1) Yesterday, Tom (come) _________ too late to school. He (must) ______________ see the principal and promise that he (never will - ! reported speech ! ) _________________ again come late.
2) Usually, Linda (go) _________ to work by bus, but this morning she (take) _______ the bike because the weather (be) ________ nice. Bad luck for her – now it (rain) ___________
____, and it (look) _________ like it (not stop) ______________ very soon.
3) The President said: I know that I (make) ____________ some mistakes, and I honestly swear that I (be) _______ sorry and that I (regret) ____________ them. But I also ensure you that in the future I (not repeat) ____________________ the same mistakes, and I (serve) ____________ my country to the fullest extend.
4) Nobody knows what exactly (happen) ____________ to Mr. Moore. The only thing that (be) _____ for sure (be) _____ that he (find – passive) ________________ dead in his apartment after he (be) ___________ at an important meeting.
5) When I (be) _______ a little kid, I always (play) ________ in our huge garden. But then we (move) ________ to a little apartment in the city, and I (must) ____________ get used to having less space. In the meantime, I (get) _____________ used to it, but I still think that when I’m older, I (move) ___________ to the country again, where I can have a big house with a huge garden.


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6) (You still not do) _____________________ your homework?
7) Immediately after he (arrive) _______________ at the airport, he (go) _________ to the bus station and (get) _______ into the first bus that (go) ___________ to his hometown.
8) He (never be) ______________ to a foreign country before this day in 1986. It (be) ___________ his first travel and he (feel) _______________ very excited.
9) This year our company (experience) _________________ great success, but we (nicht vergessen dürfen) _____________________ that we still have a long way to go, after the tragic losses that we (have) _________ in 2001.
10) After the conference (end) _____________, they all (leave) _____________ the hall and (go) ___________ to the lobby where the organizers (prepare) ________________ a buffet.


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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