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1) Yesterday, when I (watch) ________________ TV, I suddenly (hear) _____________ a loud noise in the kitchen. I quickly (run) _____________ there and (see) _____________ that the oven (burn) ____________.
2) Listen! The baby (cry) _____________ again!
3) Next week I (visit) _____________ my grandparents. I (not see) ______________ them (since/for) ____ more than a year.
4) Last Friday she (listen) _________________ to the radio while he (read) _____________ a book.
5) I have just decided that I (go) _____________ to the cinema tomorrow evening.
6) He quickly (go) _________ to the shop and (want to buy) ______________________ something to eat. But when he (arrive) ________________ there, the shopkeeper (already/ close) ________________________ the door.
7) Ben (be) __________ very friendly. He always (greet) __________ his neighbors.
8) Sylvie (may not) ____________________ go to the cinema last week.
9) Oh, I’m sorry I’m late! I (miss) __________ the bus! (For/since) ________ how long (you/ wait) __________________________ for me?

10) Yesterday, a very stupid thing (happen) ______________ to me. I (sit) ___________________ in the schoolyard with some friends, and we (talk) ________________ about our silly English teacher, when suddenly she (walk by) _________________.
The problem (be) ____________ that I (not see) ______________ her, so I made a very mean joke about her. All my friends (laugh) ________________ loudly, but my teacher (stop) _____________ in front of me and (look) _____________ at me angrily.
I think I (have) _________________ serious problems with this teacher in the future because I (act) _________________ so thoughtlessly.


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu


A dialogue:

-I (go) ________ to the new disco last night. Believe me, it (be) ______ great. (You be) _____________ there yet?
-No, I (want) ___________ to go there last week, but I (must work) ____________________ late every evening. Who (you go) ___________________ with?
-Ann and Mary Wilson, our new neighbors. (You meet) __________________ them already?
-Yes, Mr. Caine (introduce) _______________ them to me last weekend. They are rather nice, (not be) _______________ they?
-Oh, yes! We (have) ______ a lot of fun together yesterday. Guess who we (see) _________ at the disco.
-I have no idea. Tell me!
-Well, believe it or not, it (be) _____ Frank Hobbs. We (dance) _____________ when suddenly he (come) _______ over to us. I almost (not recognize) _________________him. He (change) _________________ so much (for/since) _______ I last saw him. When (you last see) ___________________ him?
-That (be) ______ about two years ago. He and I (go) ________ to the same class then. We (be) ________ very good friends. (You go) ____________ to the disco again next week? If you do, I (come) ________________ along with you.
-Great, I’m sure we’ll have a great time! We (not go out) _________________________ (for/ since) _____ a long time anyways, have we?


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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