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I) Fill in the words in the correct tense

-phone-   -visit-   -watch-   -go-   -come-   -cry-   -break in-    -give-
-read-   -pick up-   -look-   -wait-    -be-   -listen-   -come-

1) Stevie Wonder _________ a concert last week in New York.
2) Oh no! The baby __________________ again!
3) While Sandy _________________ to the radio, her brother _______________ TV last Saturday.
4) The girl __________ very beautiful.
5) Mary ____________________ in the rain for him for three hours. She is really angry.
6) The weather ___________________ warm tomorrow.
7) I think I ________________ this book before.
8) When they (come) ___________ back home, somebody _____________________ through the window.
9) Next holidays ___________________ my aunt in San Francisco.
10) First Lisa ___________ her mother. Then she ___________ shopping. After that the woman _______________ her daughter from the kindergarten, and finally they __________ home again.


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu


1) Why (you not come) ________________ to the party with me tomorrow?
2) Listen, the radio (play) _______________ our song again!
3) I’m sorry, I (forget) _____________ my homework. But I (bring) ______________ it tomorrow.
4) Denzel Washington (make) ____________ cool films.
5) The manager (work) _______________ for the company (for/since) ______ two years.
6) He (live) _______________ in Texas (for/since) ______ he was born, and he (never even leave) _________________________ the state.
7) Normally Silva (live) _________ in Germany, but at the moment she (live) _____________ in Florida.
8) Don’t sit down! The bench (be) ______________ painted.
9) I often (watch) _________ Dawson’s Creek on TV.
10) I’m sorry, I (forget) _____________ my homework. I (not want) _________________ to do it.
11) (You ever be) ___________________ to Mexico?
12) Where (you be) ____________? I (wait) __________________ for you (for/since) ______ two hours!


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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