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1) Yesterday, when I (go) ________________ to work, I suddenly (hear) ________ a loud noise. I (turn) ________ around and saw, that a car (just crash) ______________ into a house.
2) How long (she wait) ___________________ for them? (For/since) _______ 7 in the morning!
3) The girl (not go) ___________________ to the party tomorrow, because she (come) _______________ home late yesterday, and her mum (be) _____________ still angry.
4) John (live) _____________ in this town (for/since) _________ 45 years. He (be born) ____________ here in 1957.


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1) She (hand) _________________ me back the CD, (thank) _______________ me for giving it to her and (say) ___________ that she (enjoy) _____________ listening to it very much. But I know that she (not/ listen to) _________________ it.
2) I (think) ______________ the bus (leave) _______________ at 8:45 and (be) _______ very disappointed when I (arrive) _____________ at 8:40 and (find out) ____________________ that I (use) _______________ an out-of-date timetable.
3) Look, the children (bake) ____________________ a cake. It (be) _________________ in the oven for an hour now.
4) Tom, (you/ do) _______________________ your homework already?
5) He (try) _________________ to open the letter when the wind (blew) ___________ it out of his hands.
6) When the old lady (come back) _____________________ home, she (see) ________ that somebody (break in) ______________________ during her absence. The front door (be) ________ open and everything (be) _________ upside down in the living room. The burglars (be) _________ no longer there, but they (leave) ___________________ a message on the table that (say) ____________ : “Sorry for not cleaning up afterwards, but it (take) _____________ us quite long to crack your safe, and we (not have) ______________ all the time of the world…”
7) (You/ just/ hear) ______________________________ that noise? There must have been an accident! Listen! The ambulance (come) ____________________ already!
8) While he (take) ________________ the dog for a walk, his sister (do) ____________ the shopping yesterday.
9) He has a car, but he (not use it) _____________________ very often. He usually (go) ________________ to school by bus.
10) When I (open) ____________________ the door I (see) __________ a man on his knees. He (clearly/ listen) ___________________ to our conversation and I (wonder) _________________ how much he (hear) _______________. When I (ask) _______ him what he (do) ___________, he (say) ____________ that he (drop) _______ ___________ a € 2 piece and (look) _____________________ for it.


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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