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On The Phone:

- Hello, who (speak) _________________?
- Hi, Linda, it (be) ______ me, Morris. I (call) ____________ you from my vacation in Switzerland.
- Oh, hello Morris! How (you be) ________________? (everything be) _________________ fine with you?
- Yes, we (have) _________________ a fantastic time here. We (stay) _____________ in a place called St. Moritz, it (be) ________ a beautiful winter holiday resort. The people (be) __________ all so nice and friendly, and the weather (be) _____________ great since we (come) ______________ here last Saturday. We (go) ______________ skiing everyday until now!
- So, the kids (have fun) ______________________ , too, are they?
- Yes, the (enjoy) ____________________ their time here really much! They (get to know) _____________________ some other kids here in the hotel right on the first evening, and they (spend) _______________________ all their time with them since then.
- So, what (be) ________ the hotel like?


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- I’m telling you, you (never see) ____________________ anything like that in your entire life, believe me! They (have) ___________ a spa area bigger than an average affordable hotel… And they (offer) ______________ free massages to unwind and relieve stress! I also (like) _____________ the gym a lot, they (have) ___________ really everything there!
- And what about the skiing region? (they have) ________________ some good slopes?
- Oh, yes, definitely! I think we (not even try out) ___________________________ all of them until now! There (be) _________ just so many different slopes. Yesterday we (take) ______________ a cable car up to the top of the mountain, and we (ski) ___________ down from there. The view (be) __________ marvelous!
- (You also go) ______________________ cross-country skiing already?
- Yes, we (go) ____________ on Tuesday. I (like) ___________ it, but the kids (say) ___________ they (prefer) ________________ snowboarding. Cross-country skiing (be) ______ too boring for them.
- Until when (you stay) ________________________?
- We (return ) ______________________ next Friday. I wish we could stay longer, but, well, you can’t change it… But we still (plan) _____________________ a lot of things! Tomorrow some friendly locals – we (get to know) ________________ them in the lodge yesterday – (take) ________________ us with them on a ski-hiking tour. I think this (be) _____________ really interesting!
- Well, sounds like you (have) ________________ a lot of fun there! So, enjoy the rest of your holiday!


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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