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It was six in the evening on a Friday afternoon when detective Tim Clarkson (want to) ___________________ leave his office. Outside, it (rain) ______________ and the detective was happy that the weekend (be) _________ finally here. His sister from New York (call) _____ _____________ him the day before, and she (want to) _________________ visit him. The detective (just close) _____________________ the door, when the telephone (ring) _____________. “Who can that be?” the detective (think) ________________ as he (walk) _____________ over to the phone. He (pick up) ______________ and (say) _____________ : “Hello, this is detective Tim Clarkson, who (be) ________ there?” On the other side of the line, a deep voice (answer) _________________: “You (be) _______ in danger! They (want) ___________ to kill you! Tomorrow, you (be) ___________________ dead.” Then, the caller (hang up) ______________ the phone.


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Detective Clarkson (shake) _______________ his head. “What a strange caller,” he (say) ____________, and he (go) ____________ to the door and (leave) ___________ the office.
When the inspector (come) _______________ to his car, he (see) _________ that something (change) ______ ___________. Someone (put) _______ _________ a green letter on the front window of the car. The detective (take) ______________ the letter and (open) ______________ it. Then, suddenly, he (hear) ___________ a noise behind him. He (turn) ______________ around, and (see) __________ a man who (run) ____________________ away quickly. “I (must/follow) _________ ___________________ him,” the detective (say) _____________ and (start) __________(run) __________ after the man.



Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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Grammar exercises for high school students and English learners - for free! Fill in exercises, interactive tasks, exams and tests. Check your grammar, look up the grammar rules and improve your English. The best way to get good marks at school. Find exercises and the rules for all grammar topics on the EnglishPage.

Grammatik Übungen für Schüler in allen Schulstufen; Hauptschule, Gymnasium, AHS, BHS, Realschule, HAK, HTL, HASCH, HBLA, Gesamtschule ... Übungsbeispiele für alle, die Englisch lernen wollen - kostenlos! Einfüllübungen, nteraktive Aufgaben, Prüfungszettel und Tests. Überprüfe deine Englischkenntnisse, schlage die Grammatikregeln nach und verbessere dein Englisch. der beste Weg, gute Noten in der Schule zu bekommen. Hier auf der EnglishPage findest du Übungen und die Regeln für alle Grammatikgebiete.

Tenses, Adjective or Adverb, Conditionals (if-clauses), Gerund or Infinitive, Irregular Verbs, Modal Verbs (can, may, must, shall, might, be able to, be allowed to, have to, should, ...), Negation, Passive, Questions, Reported Speech (Indirect Speech), Some or Any

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