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Cross out the incorrect words; there may be some lines without mistakes!

1 I really hate my parents. I don't care about if they know it - I hate them. I cannot
2 believe what they are being doing to me! Okay, so you know how I got my belly
3 button pierced? And it was totally cool, right? Well, my mom found it out about it
4 and now mom and dad have decided to punish me for it. I know you are thinking, "Of
5 course you were going to get punished, Sindy," but you have no idea what kind of the
6 torture they have decided to inflict on me. Are you ready? They've told to me I can't
7 see Brian anymore! Can you believe that? Not see Brian anymore? I’ll won’t just stop
8 dating my boyfriend because they say so. What am I supposed to say anyway? "Sorry
9 Brian, we can't go out anymore. My mom and dad said it so." Yeah, that's really
10 mature. I know that it's my mom who's pushing for this, and that my dad is just going
11 along with it to make her happy. Why do parents do that? Dad knows how much
12 stupid this is but he's still going to along with mom's evil punishment. I even offered to
13 take out my piercing if they had reconsidered. And do you know what she said? She
14 just said NO! So, that's it. I have absolutely no to say in the matter. This is my life, but
15 apparently that doesn't count for anything. Can you see why I hate them? I'm just so
16 mad right now! How on the earth am I supposed to explain this to Brian. It's not like
17 he’ll be wait around for my parents to calm down again. He'll find another girl to be
18 with his girlfriend and I'll be the big nerd who goes to the prom all by herself. Great!
19 My life is real totally ruined.


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Questions on the text:

1. Why did Sindy get punished?
2. What does she say about her dad?
3. What does she most worry about?

4. What does “inflict on me” mean? (line 6)
5. What could “mature” mean? (line 10)
6. What might “reconsider” mean? (line 13)

7. To which part of the text does “Why do parents do that” refer? (line 11)


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

(C) 2006 Bernie Zöttl



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