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Mobile phones - to ban or not to ban?

Mobile phones (1) increasing problems in schools as they become a 'must have' accessory for teenagers. We (2) pupils in Birmingham to find out how schools have responded.
A survey carried out by Children's Express has revealed that two thirds (3) secondary schools in Birmingham have (4) pupils from using mobile phones.
Only 20 schools now allow children to have mobiles on the school (5) and they (6) they have to be switched off in lessons.
Head teachers said they had taken the (7) line because too many lessons were being interrupted by ringing phones or children sending text messages. They also explained that they were (8) about theft of mobiles and their potential to be used for bullying.
(9) many pupils believe the rules are unfair and say schools are ignoring important safety issues and the (10) that parents, especially those who don't live in the family home, want to (11) in touch with them by mobile.
Children's Express surveyed all 76 secondary schools in Birmingham. Fifty schools said they had banned pupils from bringing mobiles on to school premises; 20 schools said mobiles were allowed as (12) as they were switched off during lessons; the remaining six schools didn’t respond.
More than two thirds of schools confiscate a pupil's phone if it goes off in a lesson and some will only return it if a parent comes to school to collect it.


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1 a. have causing              5 a. yard              9  a. Although
   b. are causing                   b. ground              b. but
   c. have causing                 c. premises            c. However
   d. be causing                    d. building             d. And

2 a. questioned                 6 a. swear             10 a. reason
   b. interrogated                  b. believe                 b. fact
   c. asked                            c. insist                    c. thing
   d. interviewed                   d. warn                    d. truth

3 a. in                               7 a. tough               11 a. find
   b. at                                  b. hard                     b. come
   c. of                                  c. red                       c. keep
   d. from                              d. big                       d. have

4 a. banned                      8 a. warned             12 a. far
   b. forbidden                      b. warning                 b. long
   c. kept                              c. concerning             c. soon
   d. told                              d. concerned              d. much


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

(C) 2006 Bernie Zöttl



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