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Who hasn't heard of Los Angeles' sunny weather? We do have that (1) summer long, but January through April, the snow sifted on the mountains from winter storms is visible (2) the city. True, the snow isn't falling in the city itself, but local news crews have (3) on tape frozen flurries falling on the (4) of town.
Yes, the 2001 winter season is (5) records for snowfall at lower elevations, which foreshadows a long ski (6). This may give you an (7) to do something you might not have thought of doing on your vacation to Los Angeles: ski!
If you've never tried snow skiing or snowboarding, this would be a perfect opportunity to try it out! Hard-core skiers, which I'm not, might prefer Mammoth Mountain (which I do!), but it's quite a long (8) (three hours "plus") from Los Angeles.
From the city, the drive to local slopes is only an hour-and-a half, sometimes requiring tire chains, but not always. Even (9) these local slopes are not world-class, they're far (10) being a joke. Multiple ski lifts, snow pipes and parks for snowboarding are the norm. (11) fact, Snow Summit hosted the American Snowboard Competition in late February this year.
The San Bernardino mountain range is home to Big Air, Big Bear, Mountain High, Ski Sunrise, Snow Summit, and Snow Valley ski resorts. For any of them, weekday is the best (12) to go, without question, for the most crowd-free experience. Don't forget that you can also ski at night!


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(1) all/ every/ the                        (7) chance/ opportunity/ possibility
(2) in/ at/ from                            (8) drive/ street/ road
(3) seen/ captured/ found            (9) although/ though/ if
(4) outskirts/ outcasts/ outsides  (10) of/ from/ at
(5) making/ having/ setting          (11) The/ As/ In
(6) winter/ holiday/ season          (12) time/ place/ thing


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

(C) 2006 Bernie Zöttl





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