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Penguins are birds with black and white feathers and a funny waddle. But (1) most birds, penguins are not able to fly. Penguins spend (2) much as 75% of their time underwater, searching for food (3) the ocean.
Penguins eat seafood. Their main (4) is fish, but they (5) eat squid , small shrimp-like animals called "krill" and crustaceans .
If you look (6) at a penguin's bill you'll (7) a hook at the end, perfect for grabbing dinner. Penguins also have backward facing bristles on their tongues that keep slippery seafood (8) getting away.
Penguins don't live near freshwater – at least (9) that isn't frozen. Instead they drink salt water. They have a special gland in their bodies that takes the salt out of the water they drink and pushes it out of grooves in their bill. A handy in-house filtration system!
Penguins are a food source for a number of marine mammals, especially leopard seals. These seals hide under ice flows and wait for their prey. (10) marine mammal predators are sea lions and orcas.
The penguins aren't without protection though. Their white bellies blend with the snow and sunlight making it difficult for an underwater predator to see them.
Penguins are also eaten by a number of birds – for example, the Australian sea eagle and the Skua. The (11) black backs blend against the dark ocean water, making it more difficult to spot them from above.
Penguins also have a (12) of on-land predators like ferrets , cats, snakes, lizards , foxes and rats.


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1 a) different               5 a) also              9 a) no one
   b) unlike                     b) too                 b) not
   c) other                       c) even              c) none
   d) against                   d) then                d) any

2 a) as                          6 a) close            10 a) More
   b) how                          b) closed              b) Other
   c) so                              c) closes              c) Some
   d) like                           d) closely              d) The

3 a) on                           7 a) notes              11 a) penguin’s
   b) at                               b) notice                  b) penguins’
   c) from                           c) note                     c) penguins
   d) in                               d) know                   d) penguins’s

4 a) food                          8 a) from             12 a) dial
   b) course                          b) through             b) many
   c) dish                               c) of                     c) lots
   d) diet                              d) off                     d) number


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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