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Hello and Welcome!

Nice you and your child found your way to the EnglishPage!

You are probably asking yourself: "What exactly is the EnglishPage?"

Well, to answer that question, I would quickly like to introduce myself! My name is Bernie, I study English and I work as a private English teacher.

Some of my students often said that they would like to do many exercises or get quick explana-tions before an important exam or a grammar test. But somehow they didn't know where to look for what they needed...

That is why I decided to create a web site to give students like your child the possibility to learn and improve their English - online, when-ever they want to or should do it, and above all: totally free!!!

On this web site you can find grammar explana-tions, exercises, texts for reading, tasks for writing and other fun ways for your child to learn English!

All exercises except those especially marked as such have been created by me. They may  be used for private use only!

I've tried to make the EnglishPage as user friendly as possible; however, if you or your child have any suggestions for improvement, please contact me.

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Users Guide; Q&A about how to use the EnglishPage:

Q: What is the English Page?

A: The EnglishPage is a free web site that gives your children the possibility to learn and improve their English.

Q: How old should my child be to use the EnglishPage?

A: Of course, this depends mainly on your child. Generally, it can be said that parents should guide and supervise younger children when they use online content. It is advisable for parents of younger children to look through the EnglishPage and search for suitable exercises or explanations together. Most exercises have been created for students aged between 10 and 19 years old (starting from the first year they learn English to the level they should have reached when they take their final exams and graduate). Special content like featured videos, exercises in the multimedia section and links leading to online newspapers or other resources should be checked in advance by parents of younger children.

Q: How do my child and I quickly navigate on the EnglishPage?

A: You can either use the navigation bar on the top left corner of each individual page or you can use the sitemap to find what you (or your child) are looking for.

Q: How can my child best improve in English?

A: There is no simple answer to this question. However, you should consider that there are four basic competences your child should be fit in; grammar (tenses and other rules of the English language), vocabulary (necessary for text-understanding and textwriting), comprehension (understanding written and spoken language) and text composition (the ability to create a written text or speak freely in English). These competences can be trained with the help of various exercises available on the EnglishPage. Personally, I consider a good knowledge of the English grammar essential, however there are different views about these topics. For more information on how to help your child best improve in English, you should talk to your child's teacher or contact me.

Q: Where do my child and I find grammar rules?

A: Rules to almost any grammar topic can be found in the grammar rules section. There you can usually also find links to further explanations on other web sites. Most grammar explanations are available in English and German. I have tried to provide extensive and understandable expla-nations to help you and your child understand the rules of the English language.

Q: What kind of exercises are there on the EnglishPage, and where can my child and I find them?

A: The EnglishPage contains exercises for the following topics: English grammar, textwriting, reading and listening. You can find them in the exercises section. All exercises except those especially marked as such have been created by me.

Q: Can my child or I check the exercises ourselves?

A: Some exercises on this site are interactive exercises. You can check the results or find a key to the exercises. However, I haven't yet been able to make all exercises available as interactive exercises.

Q: Can I download the exercises to save them on my computer or to print them?

A: Many exercises can be downloaded as PDF or Word-Document. Often, children prefer doing exercises on paper, so you may save them to your computer or print them for private use. Please read the copyright notice for more on this topic.

Q: What are "mock exams"?

A: Mock exams are there to help your child check her or his progress or prepare for a real exam at school. These exams usually comprise several different tasks which your child should complete within 50 minues (1 school lesson). Mock exams are usually only available for downloading as PDF or Word-documents. There are keys available for some (but not all) mock exams.

Q: What are *linked exercises*?

A: Linked exercises have not been created by me. They are hosted on another web site and I only provide an external link to such exercises.

Q: Can my child use the EnglishPage to translate a word from or into English?

A: On the EnglishPage I have put together a link list of various online dictionaries. You should definately check out this list! However, I must speak out a serious warning: A dictionary can only provide suggestions for a possible translation of a word. There are usually several translations to the same word, and you should always check whether you are using the correct translation. (This is called "re-translating"; look for a word, pick out a possible translation and translate this word back into the original language to see if you have picked a word with the correct meaning)

Q: What are "featured videos" and what do they have to do with learning English?

A: Featured videos are popular music videos which should help your child have fun while learning English. Your child can watch the video, listen to the lyrics and read the text of the song, mostly in the original English version (for text understanding) as well as in its German translation (for building up vocabulary and a better understanding of the lyrics).

Q: Why are there banners on the EnglishPage?

A: I have put banners of some sponsors on the EnglishPage in order to cover part of the costs involved in keeping up this site. They are usually found on the left side of every page. I also work with Amazon.de in order to offer books, DVDs or CDs that might be interesting for you and your child. I would be glad if you visited some of my sponsors. However, I would like to clearly point out that I have not installed any banners or other forms of advertisement that automatically download files to your computers. Neither have I installed pop-up banners. However, there might appear a pop-up banner when you open the EnglishPage; such banners are provided by my web-host or by nic.de.vu and I have no influence on such banners.


Do you have a question that couldn't be found here? Please contact me.

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How to find what you're looking for:

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What is the EnglishPage?

The EnglishPage is a free website offering you information about the English language. You can find free interactive exercises, explanations of almost any important grammar topic, tips for writing texts, interesting links and much more!

The EnglishPage is a site for students, teachers or anyone who wants to improve their English skills. It can give you quick help if you have a question or doubt about any grammar rules, or it can guide you if you need to write a text in English.

On the EnglishPage you will find many self made exercises on the English grammar as well as text writing tasks, so you can prepare well for your English lesson! I have even created complete mock exams which can help you be prepared for your "real" tests and exams at school!

Improve your English! You will be more self-confident, and you will impress your friends, your parents and your teachers!

Who stands behind the EnglishPage?

My name is Bernie, I am 23 years old and I study Translation and Interpretation for English, Spanish and German in Innsbruck, Austria.

Besides studying, I give private English lessons - mostly to high school students. Since January 2003 I have also been teaching English at Schülerhilfe Innsbruck, a private school in Innsbruck dedicated to help students who have problems at school.

During that time, I have created a wide range of teaching material (exercises, writing tasks, grammar explanations etc...), so I finally decided to put all that material online and make it available for anyone who needs help with English. That's why I created this site, the EnglishPage.

Meanwhile I have already revised and corrected most of the site, so that finally I am proud to announce that this is the third and probably also best version of the EnglishPage!

I hope you have a lot of fun here, and it would be great if you came back and if you also told your friends about this site!

Have a nice day! Bernie

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