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LEO - English-German-English dictionary

This service is provided by the University of Munich, and the dictionary is one of the best free online dictionaries available! I personally use it very often, as it has very detailed entries! Translates German-English, German-French and German-Spanish!

dict.cc - Deutsch-Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch

dict.cc is an Austrian online dictionary that offers many features; besides looking up words you can also ask other users for solutions to specific translation-problems in the forum. Furthermore, there is the option to add new entries to the dictionary

BASC - English-German-English dictionary

Need a vocabulary? BASC can help you find it!

odge.de - Online Dictionary German English

"Das kostenlose Wörterbuch im Internet"

student-online - Online Dictionary

Dictionary for English-German and Spanish-German. You can register for free to use the full service.

Pons.de - Online Dictionary

Pons Online Dictionary - Various Languages


Find the translation of English and German phrases, proverbs and quotes. Phrasen.com also features a special swear word section.

DIX - English - German - Spanish Dictionary

This online dictionary works for the language pairs English-German, English-Spanish and German-Spanish.

branchenportal - Online Dictionary

This is a very technical dictionary which can help you find words for specialized texts.

PROZ - Term Search Tool

This is a very specialized term search tool rather than a (simple) dictionary. You will usually find what you're looking for, however, you have to know how to handle the tool... This tool is normally used by professional translators rather than students.


Merriam-Webster OnLine

Merriam-Webster provide a Free Online Dictionary for explanations and a Free Online Thesaurus for synonyms

Cambridge - Dictionaries Online

Well-known and very good monolingual English learners dictionary

The Free Dictionary

Online dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, specialized dictionaries...

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with interesting definitions of non-standard English.

YAHOO -education

Yahoo offers a free English dictionary, an encyclopedia, a thesaurus, quotations, a very detailed English anatomy description and some other services... Although the dictionary is not designed for professional use, I can only recommend this site!

Langenscheidt.de - Online Dictionary

German Online Dictionary

DWDS - Digitales Wörterbuch der Deutschen Sprache

German Online Dictionary

Wörterbuch der Sozialpolitik

Specialized dictionary with german definitions of various socio-political terms.

McMaster-Carr - Technical Dictionary

This is actually an online catalogue of a manufacturer of an engeneering supply company; however, it can also be used as a very detailed monolingual (solely technical) illustrated dictionary. You will only find nouns in this catalogue. I recommend you only use it if you are a very advanced learner or a professional translator, otherwise you could encounter problems handling it.

Webster's Online Dictionary

Translates various languages from and into English.


Wikipedia - free online encyclopedia

Free online encyclopedia in (almost) any language of the world! If you can't find it there, you can't find it anywhere!!!

Answers.com - find definitions

Online dictionary, encyclopedia and much more... Here you can find definitions of (almost) any term in English!


Unscramble.net - Unscramble, find, rhyme or define a word

This great site can help you a lot with your homeworks! You can unscramble words, find rhymes, get definitions and look up the correct spelling of a word.

Englishpage.com - Phrasal Verb Dictionary

Find lots of phrasal verbs!

Englishpage.com - Verbs + Preposition Dictionary

Got problems with prepositions? Which verb requires which preposition? Find them all, listed alphabetically!

common errors in English

A list of the most common mistakes in English and why they are errors! Very useful for English learners!



>>> Online Vocabulary Trainer <<<

Really amazing! Here you can train your vocabulary from the Austrian school books "You&Me" (5th - 8th grade) and "Make Your Way" (9th - 12th grade)!!! You definitely have to try it out!!! (Thanks to Johannes for the link!)

Pons Lexi Trainer - Your Online Vocabulary Book

Highly recommended! Test it! Get your password NOW and you will be able to use it for FREE all life long!


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