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grammar in english


- tenses

- questions & negation

- modal verbs (can, may,...)

- gerund/infinitive (ing/to)

- conditionals (if-sentences)

- personal pronouns

- other grammar topics ...

- passive

- reported speech

- adjective/adverb (..ly)

- some/any

- relative clauses

- linking words


In this part of the EnglishPage, you will be able to learn all about the English grammar rules.

All the rules are explained on this website. Additionally, there are also several downloadable grammar sheets available for printing. Finally, the "links"-section offers a collection of useful links to other websites which are great for studying English grammar rules.

Please choose your grammar topic from the list above!

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The English Page offers numerous resources for learners of English as a Second Language (ESL).

On this site (www.yourenglishpage.com, www.englishpage.de.vu or englishpage.iris-solutions.org) learners can find all the Grammar Rules and explanations in English, German and Spanish, as well as a great variety of exercises to train and test their Grammar skills: All English tenses (Present Tense Simple, Present Tense Progressive, Past Tense Simple, Past Tense Progressive, Present Perfect Tenses, Past Perfect Tenses, Future Tenses - will & going to future, Mixed tenses); Active or Passive, Indirect Speech (= Reported Speech), Conditionals (if-sentences), Relative Clauses and Contact Clauses, Adjective or Adverb, some - any and other determiners, Gerund or Infinitive, Questions and Negation, Modal Verbs (can, may, must, shall, might...) and Irregular Verbs, as well as linking words and other grammar topics are included in the Grammar section! Start learning English TODAY! Test your knowledge of ESL with downloadable grammar exercise sheets in PDF format and revise the rules!

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