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grammar in english


What is the Englishpage?

The EnglishPage is a site for English learners as well as teachers and parents. On the EnglishPage you can find a large number of exercises, explanations of grammar rules, writing tips and other resources to improve your English!

If you are new here, you can take a TOUR through the EnglishPage to find out how it can help you learn English with fun.

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grammar in english

Bernie Zoettl

More about me:

My name is Bernie Zöttl, I was born in 1984, I studied Translation and Interpretation for German, English and Spanish from 2002 to 2009, and I have been teaching English since the beginning of my studies.

Since January 2003 I have also been an English teacher at Schülerhilfe Innsbruck.

I offer private English lessons for students of all schools and grades as well as Business Courses for adults in Innsbruck. For more information, please visit my site www.Englisch-Nachhilfe.at.pn.

In my career as an English teacher I have designed a lot of teaching material which I use in my lessons and most of which can also be found online on this site.

If you have any questions concerning this web site or my Private English Lessons, please don't hesitate to contact me via eMail!


grammar in english



If you wish to contact me, write an eMail to englishpage@iris-solutions.org. You can also share your thoughts in the guestbook.

For copyright information please read the copyright note below.


grammar in english


Responsible for the content of this web-site:

Bernie Zöttl, Erzherzog-Eugen-Str. 26, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

eMail: englishpage@iris-solutions.org

Tel: +43 (0)650/ 8409918

(C) all exercises on this site: Bernie Zöttl

(C) all grammar explanations on this site: Bernie Zöttl

(C) design of this site: Bernie Zöttl (www.iris-solutions.org)

All documents on this web-site (accessible via the URLs http://www.yourenglishpage.com and http://www.englishpage.de.vu and http://englishpage.iris-solutions.org) except those especially marked as such have been created by Bernie Zöttl.

Users may use the content of this site (exercises, grammar explanations...) for private use only!

Teachers who wish to use any of the content for teaching, please be so kind and contact me first.

Content linked to by external links remains the property of its respective owners. I do not own the rights to this content, nor do I have any influence on changes on externally linked sites. If you have questions concerning content published on any externally linked sites, please contact the respective site owners. The same is effective for any external links in the multimedia area.


grammar in english





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