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You want to get better at English? You need to improve your reading and text understanding skills? But you just don't know how?

Well, here on the EnglishPage, you will find a variety of useful tips and tricks how to get the most fun out of reading English texts!!!

Whether you are a beginner just getting to know the English language, an advanced student preparing for an important exam, a bookworm trying to find new fun and interesting stuff to read or someone who needs a quick way to grasp the main ideas of an English text...

The following tips & tricks are definitely going to be just what you've been looking for!



Tip 1: Try to have FUN!

Reading doesn't have to be boring or annoying! And you'll find it a lot easier to read a text, whether it is a story, an article or any other sort of essay, if you don't tell yourself that you hate reading it...

But how can reading be fun??? Well, first of all, set yourself a goal!

- If you must read a text for school as a homework assignment, your goal could be to read through it as soon and as quickly as possible and get it over with, so that, after reading, you can do something more fun! After all, the longer you postpone it, the longer you will worry about it...

- If you want to improve your reading speed to get better, it's a good idea to find a number of short texts on a level which is not too difficult. Read the texts a few times, not just once! That way, you are  automatically going to skip the parts which are less important for comprehension, such as filler words or paragraphs which summarize an idea which has already been mentioned before.

- If you need to prepare for a presentation or a test and therefore have to read various different texts on a certain topic, organizing is certainly a smart first step! Try to quickly browse through the texts you must read and have a guess at what the main ideas might be before ploughing through all of them... You will see that there might be bits of the same information in several different texts. It's a lot cleverer to read about related topics one at a time - that will help you memorize information more easily, and you can save a lot of time by avoiding to read about the same points over and over again...

- And, most importantly, if you want to pass your time while doing something for your English, find a great book or a good story and just ENJOY IT...

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Of course, there are many more tips to help you get more fun out of reading English texts and stories...
Come back soon and check out more!


Writing and Reading exercises and tasks to improve your English!

On the englishpage you will be able to practise your reading and writing skills in many different writing and reading tasks, exercises and comprehensions. Read interesting English texts, write summaries, book reviews, articles, opinion essays, argumentative essays, formal letters and informal letters as well as letters to the editor and many other texts. Textwriting and textunderstanding are vital skills in English as a Foreign Language! EFL learners - improve your English! Extend your vocabulary!

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