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Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones's Diary

This book describes exactly how women's life can be. Bridget is an ordinary woman who has the same problems as other normal women; problems with men, problems with her job, parents who want to divorce... who doesn't know these problems?

Bridget Jones's Diary is a dazzling urban satire of modern human relations, an ironic tragic insight demise of the nuclear family, the confused ramblings of a pissed thirty-something...

A great book you should definately read!

ROMANCE ****           DIFFICULTY ***

PAGES: about 280           RECOMMENDED AGE: 15 +



Erich Segal - Love Story

The classic novel that spawned the hit 1970 film tells the story of rich Harvard jock Oliver Barrett IV and working-class Radcliffe student Jenny Cavilleri--how they are opposite in every way, how they share a love that defies everything, and how a love lingers in the heart now and forever. Now repackaged with an updated look for the 21st century.


ROMANCE ****           DIFFICULTY ****

PAGES: about 225           RECOMMENDED AGE: 16 +


Steve Martin - Shopgirl

Mirabelle works as a shop assistant in the glove department at Neiman's, L.A.'s finest store. She has two men in her life: Jeremy, a man who stencils amplifiers for a living; and Mr Roy Porter, a rich, older man who believes he can apply logic to relationships and is serially confused...

Shopgirl is a very beautifully written character study, a very true and often funny - though at times also sad - story about the ups and downs of life.

Not necessarily a usual lovestory, but definately worth reading!

ROMANCE ****           DIFFICULTY ***

PAGES: about 160           RECOMMENDED AGE: 15 +


Bill Brooks - Bonny And Clyde

True crime meets true love in this lyrical retelling of the Bonnie and Clyde legend. Pretty Bonnie Parker is slinging hash in a Texas cafe, waiting for her husband to finish his prison term, when bad boy Clyde Barrow drives into town. Soon enough, it's a life of crime for both of them.

Another great Classic - A Must Read Love Story!

ROMANCE *****           DIFFICULTY ****

PAGES: about 200           RECOMMENDED AGE: 15 +


James M Cain - The Postman Always Rings Twice

Frank Chambers, a drifter, is dropped from the back of a truck at a rundown rural diner. When he spots Cora, the owner's wife, he instantly decides to stay. The sexy young woman, married to Nick, a violent and thuggish boor, is equally attracted to the younger man and sees him as her way out of her hopeless, boring life. They begin a clandestine affair and plot to kill Nick, beginning their own journey toward destruction.

A great novel, full of romance, passion and danger!

ROMANCE *****           DIFFICULTY ***

PAGES: about 115           RECOMMENDED AGE: 16 +



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