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1) He (give) __________ me back the DVD and (thank) _________ me for lending it to him. He (say) ________ that he (really like) ________________ the film, but I think that he (not even watch) ___________________it.
2) I (think) ___________ the bus to Springfield (leave) ____________ at quarter past 9, but when I (arrive) ____________ at the station I (must learn) ________________ that it (already leave) ______________ at 5 past 9; I (obviously use) _______________________ an out-of-date timetable.
3) Susie, (you do) ______________ your homework already?
4) He (try) ____________ to open a letter when the wind (blow) ________ it out of his hands.
5) When they (come back) _________________ to their apartment, they (see) __________ that someone (break in) ___________________ during their holidays. The garage window (be) _______ broken, and everything (be) ______ upside down. The burglars (not leave) _______________ a single piece of furniture untouched.


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6) Doctor, a woman (just come in) ________________ with a baby who she (say) ________ (touch) _____________ a hot plate with his bare hands.
7) When I (open) _______________ the door, I (see) _________ a man who (sit) _______________ in the waiting room. I (wonder) ____________ if he (wait) __________________ for long, but when I (ask) ________ him he (reply) ___________ that he (just come) ___________________ in a minute before.
8) (You ever be) ____________________ to London?
9) Finally, in 1987 they (sell) _________ their house and (move) ________ to an other neighborhood. They (always dream) _______________________ about that.
10) I (walk) __________________ along the promenade when I (realize) ___________ that a strange-looking lady, who I (see) _________________ a couple of times before, (follow) _______________ me. Wherever I (go) _________, she (go) ___________, and whenever I (turn) _____________ around, she (pretend) ______________ that she (just accidentally be) ___________________ there.


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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Tenses, Adjective or Adverb, Conditionals (if-clauses), Gerund or Infinitive, Irregular Verbs, Modal Verbs (can, may, must, shall, might, be able to, be allowed to, have to, should, ...), Negation, Passive, Questions, Reported Speech (Indirect Speech), Some or Any

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