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spend - take part - take - decide - be

1) Last year we _________________ go on holiday by bus.
2) The Millers always ______________ their summer holidays in Mexico.
3) A two week cruise on an ocean liner ___________ definitely an interesting experience.
4) After a season of hard work Pete and Sue were both exhausted, so they ____________ a relaxing weekend package in a 5-star spa resort.
5) Last summer, my sister _____________ in a guided tour through the Sahara desert.


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A letter; Put the Verbs into the correct form:

Dear Eve,
I (write) ___________________ you from my holiday in Croatia. I (stay) _______________ in a nice hotel in the town of Rovinj. It (be) _________ quite central, it (be) _________ built on a rock, and from my room I (have) ___________ a wonderful view of the sea and the islands that (surround) ___________________ the town. The residents of Rovinj (be) ______ all very friendly to tourists, and the town (be) ________ really lovely. You (can) _________ find many cool shops, and in every little corner there (be) _________ a café, offering self-made cake and delicious ice cream. I (must) ____________ admit that although I usually (not like) ____________________ ice cream that much, I (constantly enjoy) ________________ _____________________ all sorts of it here. Apart from strolling through the town, I (spend) ______________________ most of the time on the beach. It (be) ________ a ten-minute-walk from the hotel, and they (offer) ____________________ sun shades and beach loungers. As you can see, I (really enjoy) _____________________ my stay here in Croatia.

I (send) __________________ you my best wishes!
Yours Ruth


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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