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Last year we (go) ____________ to Hungary for our summer holidays. We (decide) ____________________ to go there by car, so we (can) _______________ take all the things we (need) _______________ with us. Father had booked a room in a nice hotel situated at a lake site. It (take) _____________ us quite long to get there, because the highway (be) _______ rather congested, and when we finally (arrive) ______________ we (be) ________ all happy and looking forward to a nice bed to have some rest. But when we (enter) ______________ the hotel we soon (realize) ___________________ that the site (not be) ________________ quite what we had hoped for. Instead of a friendly receptionist, an old lady (sit) ___________________ behind a wooden desk. She harshly (ask) ___________ us what we (want) ________________ and when we (answer) ___________________ that we had booked a room for 3 weeks she (reply) _________________ that she (not know) ____________________ of any reservation. After a short discussion she finally (agree) _________________ to give us a room and (lead) ___________ us to the end of the building.
The door (creak) ___________________ loudly when the old woman (open) _____________ it, and when we (step) _____________ into the small room, we (not can) ________________ believe our eyes: dusty, ugly carpets (cover) ____________________ the window, a big black spider (crawl) __________________ on the wall and two old, wasted beds (stand) _______________________ in the middle of the room.


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The water pipe in the bathroom (run) _______________________ and outside the window two big dogs that (live) ___________ in a small fenced-in area, (bark) ____________________ constantly. After dad had caught his breath again, he (turn) _______________ around without saying a word, (walk) ____________ out of the “hotel”, (jump) _______________ into our car, (wait) ___________ until we all had gotten in too and then (drive off) _____________ as fast as he (can) ____________. We (go) ____________ all the way back home without taking a break, and no-one (talk) ___________________ during the entire car-ride. When we finally (arrive) _________________ home it (be) ______ already 9 in the morning, and dad (go) ____________ directly to he tourist office where he had booked the hotel. He (go) ________ in red-headed and angry as hell, and when he (come) _____________ out again he (hold) ______________________ tickets for a three-week-cruise in the Caribbean in his hands. “They gave this to me”, father (smile)___________________. “And I did not have to pay one single Cent!


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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