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Find the incorrect words (there may be some lines without a mistake...)

1 -I went to the new disco last night. Believe it me, it was great. Have you been there yet?
2 -No, I wanted to go there last week, but I had to work late every evening. With who did you
3 go with?
4 -Ann and Mary Wilson, our new neighbors. Have you been met them already?
5 -Yes, Mr. Caine has introduced them to me last weekend. They are rather nice, aren’t they?
6 -Oh, yes! We had a lots of fun together yesterday. Guess who we saw at the disco.
7 -I have no idea. Tell it me!
8 -Well, believe it or not, it was Frank Hobbs. We were dancing when suddenly he came over
9 to us. I almost didn’t recognize him. He has changed so much since I have last saw
10 him. When did you last see him?
11 -That was about for two years ago. He and I were going to the same class back then. We
12 were very good friends. Are you going to the disco again next week? If you will do, I
13 will come along with you.
14 -Great, I’m sure we’ll have a great time! We haven’t been gone out for a long time anyways,
15 have we?


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Correct the mistakes in the letter:

1 My name is Louise Barnett. I’m a 15 years old, and I live in San Diego, in Southern
2 California, near the Mexican border. My father is a mechanic and the mother is a secretary.
3 I have an oldest sister, who is 19. Her name is Adriana and she works in a store. My
4 younger brother is 14, and we both go to Putney High School with me.

5 I like school, but there has been a problem lately. There is this a boy who keeps looking at
6 me, but he hasn’t never talked to me. He looks nice, but why doesn’t he say a word? He
7 is makes me nervous.

8 We live in a house with a small garten. I often go swimming with my friends. The beach__
9 is quite closed. We also go shopping together too. Sometimes my father and I drive into
10 Mexico. We live only half hour away from the border. In Mexico, everything is very
11 cheap__, but I never go there alone or with my friends, because it can be quite danger.

12 It’s very hot in San Diego in summer, and even in winter it’s not cold. I like to live here,
13 but I would also like to hear from young people in an other countries.

14 Please write me back.
15 Your,


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

(C) 2006 Bernie Zöttl


1 it, 2 with, 3 -, 4 been, 5 has, 6 a, 7 it, 8 -, 9 have, 10 -, 11 for, 12 will, 13 -, 14 been, 15 –

1 a 15 years old, 2 the ? my, 3 oldest ? older, 4 with me, 5 this a boy, 6 hasn’t never ? hasn’t yet ODER has never, 7 is makes ? is making, 8 garten ? garden, 9 closed ? close, 10 half hour ? half an hour, 11 danger ? dangerous, 12 to live ? living, 13 an other countries ? an other country ODER in other countries, 14 me, 15 your ? yours



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