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Fill in a correct word

Today drugs ____ taken in many countries of the world. ____ most cases, drug taking is illegal, but in some cases drugs are taken ________ of illness. There are illegal and legal drugs. Illegals are all kinds ______ drugs (f.e. soft/hard, chemical/natural) and legals are tabacco, alcohol, coffeine and morphine.
Drugs can _____ taken in many forms. You can sniff, inject, swallow, inhale or smoke them. There are various effects you can achieve ______ doing something like that. ____ first you are giggly, then you feel happy. If you take more ______ more drugs, you finally end _____ over-excited or depressed. In the end, you get sleepy and after you wake up, you don’t know what ______ happened.
There are different theories _____ people start taking drugs. Some people believe _____ the “evil pusher” theory. This theory means that ____ dealer forces you ____ start taking drugs.


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There is also the weak personality theory _______ means that you aren’t strong enough to resist drugs.
Another point ____ that there are many problems and dangers with taking drugs. At ______ you get addicted, then you get high. If you take drugs often you will destroy ______ lungs and kidneys. After that you will die ______ an overdose.
In _____ end, if you want to stop taking drugs you will have to go to detox centers or to treatment centers. There you can ______ professional help from psychologists. But you can also go to self-help groups. Before you go there you should talk ______ your friends, teachers or your family.


Find more grammar exercises on: www.englishpage.de.vu

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