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Welcome to the new and totally revised version of the EnglishPage! Nice you dropped by! I hope you will find what you are looking for, and have fun learning English!

Have a nice day, Bernie



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What is the EnglishPage?

The EnglishPage is a free website offering you information about the English language. You can find free interactive exercises, explanations of almost any important grammar topic, tips for writing texts, interesting links and much more!

The EnglishPage is a site for students, teachers or anyone who wants to improve their English skills. It can give you quick help if you have a question or doubt about any grammar rules, or it can guide you if you need to write a text in English.

On the EnglishPage you will find many self made exercises on the English grammar as well as text writing tasks, so you can prepare well for your English lesson! I have even created complete mock exams which can help you be prepared for your "real" tests and exams at school!

Improve your English! You will be more self-confident, and you will impress your friends, your parents and your teachers!

Who stands behind the EnglishPage?

My name is Bernie, I am 22 years old and I study Translation and Interpretation for English, Spanish and German in Innsbruck, Austria.

Besides studying, I give private English lessons - mostly to high school students. Since January 2003 I have also been teaching English at Schülerhilfe Innsbruck, a private school in Innsbruck dedicated to help students who have problems at school.

During that time, I have created a wide range of teaching material (exercises, writing tasks, grammar explanations etc...), so I finally decided to put all that material online and make it available for anyone who needs help with English. That's why I created this site, the EnglishPage.

Meanwhile I have already revised and corrected most of the site, so that finally I am proud to announce that this is the third and probably also best version of the EnglishPage!

I hope you have a lot of fun here, and it would be great if you came back and if you also told your friends about this site!

Have a nice day! Bernie

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Here you can find the latest additions on the EnglishPage! Be sure to come back regularly - I'm always adding new cool stuff!


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- Fort Minor - Where...   (06-11-02)


(There are no book reports available.)



- New CDs added!       (06-11-02)

- Englisch Nachhilfe in IBK

- new dictionaries!!!      (06-11-02)



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